Electric unicycle school

Progress through the different levels of electric unicycle from zero!

Giracat school offers courses of electric unicycle for all levels, as much as if you have never ridden on an electric unicycle as if you already feel comfortable on it but you want to go deep in your technique. Kids and adults are welcome to learn, be part of a community of wheelers and promote the use of these micromobility vehicles! 


Course 2022 - 2023

We are preparing the electric unicycle course as an after-school activity in schools and multisport centers.

Levels from Giracat® school

Every person is different. That is why we adapt to you. You will be able to make progress through the different levels of electric unicycle as far as you want and at your own rithm. 


During the initiation level you will acquire the basis of self-balance on a Giracat® with training wheels. You will be able to do circuits with slalom and slight slopes up to 12 km/h


During the basic level we will get used to Giracat® without training wheels. You will acquire the basic abilities to play a Polowheel game!


During the intermediate level, we will learn to ride on an electric unicycle on one wheel, gain confidence and start to do circuits and slalom faster. We will also go deep in technique and Polowheel


During the advanced level you will learn to go up and down kerbs, jump and go backwards. You will be able to regulate your speed in circuits up to 50 km/h. You will continue improving your balance and techquines for Polowheel. What’s more, we will address  PLEV (Personal Electric Vehicle) traffic regulations in the street in order to make a responsible and safe use of electric unicycles 

Level PRO

If once you have reached the advanced level you want to go deeper with your electric unicycle towards a sportive level, you can continue training in colaboration with the Catalan Association of Electric Monocycle (ACME SPORT) 

Classes pass for adults

If you are older than 18 years old and you want to ride on an electric unicycle, we also offer courses for adults. Cheer up and start using this personal electric vehicle to move around your surroundings in a fast and comfortable way, or do routes in the nature in an unique way.

We offer individual classes and class bonuses. You can learn to ride on an electric unicycle in a private class or forming a group while learning in company. 

Contact us for more information on prices. 

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