Tailor-made private routes in electric unicycle

A perfect activity to liven up a birthday party and other celebrations such as stag/hen parties; or simply enjoy a family day. Learn the basis of self-balance and ride on our electric unicycles Giracat® along a countryside route and enjoy trying other of our electric vehicles. We will adapt the route and the vehicles to your level.


Birthday party


Stag/Hen parties



Tours for groups

What will we do on a Giratour

Initiation to self-balance

In less than 10 minutes you will acquire the basis of self-balance and your ability will not stop improving!

Routes adapted to your level

Routes in flat or with slope

Test of other electric vehicles

Higher level unicycles, Girakarts, Hovershoes, Onewheel and others


Mesures prevenció COVID-19



Contact us for more information on prices. Tell us what you want to organize and we will set up a Giracat activity adapted to your budget. 

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